Artist Statement



Trauma and personal experience are the core components within my studio practice. The paintings are catalysts for remembered emotional experience, portals for deeper examination and reflection. Memories come back in fragments, night terrors that blur the lines of memory and fiction. It is through haptic means that the work bridges the gap between the physical and psychological. I want to slow down, to be mentally quiet and completely entranced in a moment; the physical properties of the work I make is an attempt in doing so. 

Materials and processes link me to the cause of my trauma -- my father; they are a reminder of the skills I wish he had taught me, the daily tasks he completed during his work day as a carpenter. I talk about painting as something that is built or constructed, terms relating to the approach I take in the making. Working in a reductive aesthetic, the craftsmanship of each work becomes highlighted as specific choices being made with purpose. I want my work to be felt, to be engaging and experienced through a moment that is visceral. I want to slow down.

About the artist:

Robby Scott (b. 1991) lives and works in Iowa City, Iowa. He attended The University of Iowa for his MFA in Painting (2017) and Luther College for his BA in Art (2009).

Recent exhibitions include: Gravitas, Iowa City, IA (2017); William Frederick Findley, Iowa City, IA (2016); Recent Works, Iowa City, IA (2015); Surplus Bulletin, Dimensions Variable, Miami, FL (2014); Welcome to the Show, Decorah, IA (2014)